Your Wellness Journey Podcast

Ep 88: Vegan Athlete John Rush and his Pups

As each day passes, more people around the globe are choosing to explore the plant-based or vegan lifestyle.

Everyone's "why" for contemplating this switch is different. Everyone's story is unique. This week I wanted to introduce you to one of these amazingly unique individuals.

John Rush is a professional football player. He is the embodiment of a "man's man" - naturally athletic, loves his pups and the outdoors, probably someone you can imagine having steak and potatoes for dinner most nights of the week. And he was, until four years ago when his coaching team asked him to do something he hadn't done before.

In this episode, John and I chat about:

  • his path to becoming vegan,
  • what his transition was like,
  • after his first month of trying it out, why he decided to stay with it,
  • what his fellow teammates through of his diet change,
  • his favourite recipes, vegan restaurants and products out there,
  • and his path to his pups, Bone and Bailey, and the importance of rescuing and fostering dogs in need is to him.

To learn more about John and the work he does, visit him on

Enjoy the show! - Marla